Why Ozsea Plate Boats

  • AS:1796 WTIA Certified welders

  • Fishing boats built for fishermen/women by fishermen who understand the functionality needed on boat when fighting and landing a fish of a lifetime

  • Access to experienced Aluminium Boat Builders who will sit down with you and discuss your needs. Speaking with the builders rather than salesman gives you a true understanding of what can be done, and allows us to properly understand your needs. 

  • A range of boat designs to suit your needs, including trusted designs from re-nowned Naval Architect Denis Pratt (Pro Marine).

  • All boats are designed on CAD, and tested in a fully functional 3D hull form modelling program testing hull displacement, buoyancy and stress points to ensure that all vessels exceed customers’ requirements and any potential complications are engineered out.

  • Parts are auto-nested onto large aluminium sheets to ensure minimal wastage in the cutting process. The parts are then precission cut on a water jet machine ensuring consistant quality

  • Quality craftsmanship from boat builders with over 40 years of experience.

  • Highly experienced  in building boats to survey.

  • Fully customisable fitouts for your craft.

  • Ozsea focuses on supporting local businesses and suppliers. This alows for shorter lead times, supports other small businesses, and keeps maufactoring in Australia

  • Aluminium plate boats are perfect for Australia's waterways, bays and oceans. Plate boats are stronger and more durable than pressed aluminium boats due to the use of thicker metal and hull frame designs which include more internal ribs for strength and stability, thus allowing greater customisation to make your boat how you want it. 

  • High standard repairs and modifications to your existing boat.

  • Strong relationships in the marine industry.

Blue fin tuna
Part owner Barry with a 92 kg Tuna caught off Port Macdonnell
From a concept drawing the design goes into a 3D simulator testing for stress points, displacement and final engineering checks.
Once aprooved the parts are auto-nested to minimise waste and then precision cut on a waterjet machine ready to go onto the jig and become another Ozsea plate boat
General Layout drawing
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Parts auto-nested ready for cutting
Cutting complete, parts about to go onto the jig for assembly
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